The Self Will Out. Acrylic on board. 25x30cm. Oct 2018

Eclipse. 40x60cm. wax pencil on paper. Aug 2018.

Perceptual Crisis. Dec 2017. 76x50cm. ink, pencil on stretched canvas. 

Conceptual Dilemma. 40x60cm. wax pencil on paper. June 2018.

Untitled. Biro on paper. 21x30cm.

Broken. ink pen pencil on paper. 60x40. black frame. aug 2017. 

Untitled. ink, pen, pencil on canvas board. framed black. 30x25cm 

1, 2, 3, and 4. Untitled.

Acrylic on paper.


40x30cm approx.

The Bridge. Black graphite onto paper. 60x40cm.

A Question Of Identity. Conte pencil onto Bristol Board. 22x34cm.


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