I am inspired by many things to produce art. I have a fascination with space and the complexity of forms within it. It could be a tree with seemingly infinite leaves and intertwining branches or a machine with various interacting parts that beguile me. It could be the interplay of man-made structures within the landscape or it could be the profusion of thoughts that preoccupy my mind, leaving me with feelings of bewilderment and contemplation.


I work from my home studio in Devon.  Working as a commission-based artist I complete most artwork to order. The subject of this type of art is governed externally by what is required but is often landscape based. My artwork tends to border on the abstract and I use mediums such as painting, drawing, printing and collage.


Over the last three years I have developed a working relationship with Coldharbour Mill, Uffculme, Devon. Here, I have become their unofficial resident artist working on site maps, concept drawings, trails and murals for the Mill. While here I have also created a collection of Mill-based art that is on display and for sale in the on-site ‘Artspace’ gallery.

You can also find examples of my landscape artwork on display and for sale at the recently opened Talent Gallery on the high street in Wellington Somerset.


In parallel with this I have been developing my own personal artwork, mainly in the form of drawings that are much more abstract in nature. This work moves me away from what could be considered the ‘commercial’ aspects of my art and towards a more personally meaningful and individual style. I am forever baffled and perplexed by the world around me and my abstract work is an evolving pathway for me to try and express my feelings and perspective on the world in a visual way.


Use the links below to see examples of my work.

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