Coldharbour Mill

Mill Machine 1. 100x80cm. Acrylic, ink, pencil on board. Drill. SOLD.

Bobbins. SOLD. Prints available.

Coldharbour Mill. Drill. Acrylic. SOLD.

Coldharbour Mill.150x60cm. mixed media on board. recess framed onto reclaimed wood. SOLD

Mill In The Machine. 100x80cm. Acrylic on canvas. unframed. £360.oo

Machinery 2. 100x80cm approx. Acrylic and ink on stretched canvas. unframed. £375.oo

Scales and Bobbins. 25x30. Acrylic. painted wood frame.£45.00

Machine. 25x35cm. oil pastel on paper. wood frame. SOLD.

Iron Work in the Wood (Sluice, Coldharbour Mill). Acrylic on stretched chunky canvas 4cm deep. unframed. approx. 30x30cm. £85.00

Machine Room Loom. Coldharbour Mill.

Drawing, wax pancil on paper. framed white composite. 45x55cm. £95.00

Drill Wood Workshop. drawing, wax pencil on paper. framed. £95.00

Jug Weights and Bobbin. 27x32cm approx. Acrylic. framed. SOLD

Oil Can. 30x35cm approx. Acrylic. framed. SOLD

Oil Can 2 30x40cm approx. Acrylic. Oak framed. SOLD

Roving Machine End. 40x40cm approx. mixed media. framed. £75.00

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